HIV Test

There are several times when it is a good idea to have an HIV test. In fact, it is one of the most important medical tests a person can take. Prevention is a huge element in avoiding HIV, and that is why you should take precautions when you have intercourse. However, there are times when you may think you are your partner are only with each other. Then you find out he or she has been with someone else. It may be a good time to get yourself tested.
If you have engaged in a lifestyle where you have shared needles, then you should get an HIV test. This can include needles for drug use. It can also include sharing tattoo needles and piercing needles. It is important that any time you use any needle, that it is sterile.
If you have been the victim of a sexual assault, you should have a rape test done. You should also ask for an HIV test to be conducted. There is no other way for you to know if that person was positive or not. It is also a good idea to have testing done for the various types of STDs. Across the board, such testing is very important to help the doctor to offer you the appropriate medical care on all levels.
For women who are pregnant, the doctor will often recommend that an HIV test is conducted. If the test is positive, steps can be taken to help reduce the spread of the virus to the baby. The test will count the CD4 cells as they are those that are attacked when a person tests positive.
The testing is conducted in two parts. The first part of the test will be to determine if there are antibodies. A test of the blood or saliva can show this. If that is positive, then the Western blot test is done. This ensures that it wasn’t a false positive.
If your HIV test results are positive, you need to seek both counseling and medical assistance. It can be very upsetting and it is going to change your life. Early intervention can help with keeping the immune system healthy. It will be important to live a healthy lifestyle, to reduce stress, to take medication, and to avoid unprotected sex.
Most locations offer some type of free HIV testing. This is to ensure that people are able to get the test they need in spite of a lack of funding. In many locations, it is mandatory for positive test results for HIV to be reported to the local health department. It is also very important to inform anyone you have had sex with in the past 6 months about your positive HIV test. They will need to be tested too.
Sometimes, peace of mind is what a person is looking for with such testing. Don’t be shy about getting the test, no matter what your reason for doing so may be. It can be a way to stay healthy and to make choices that reduce your risk of HIV.

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